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Suits Gen Fic, Vids, Art, Graphics,

About Suits Gen
Fics, Vids, Art, Graphics...anything can be posted here as long as it is Gen. Discussion and prompt/bunnies are allowed. Please make sure to use the appropriate tags.
All posts are allowed (fics, RPF, vids, arts, graphics, discussion, etc.) as long as they pertain to the show Suits on USA network. Feel free to talk about characters or the actors themselves. Everything should be gen. If you would like to introduce yourself please go the introduction post Here

Recommendations are allowed and encouraged. If someone has recced your work here you would prefer it not be contact me and I will remove the post.

Use the appropriate Tags.

Please use the Lj-Cut for long posts.

Look at the Posting Guidelines before posting.

If you would like to prompt a community please ask a mod for approval before posting it.

No bashing the characters, actors, or other people posting to the comm.

Please adhere to these rules. Repeat violators are subject to banning at the discretion of the mod.
Posting Guidelines
Please go Here to see the guidelines or if you have any questions
For a complete list of tags please go Here. To request a tag or any questions about tags please go Here
There is a twitter for this account. Please go Here to follow it or go to http://twitter.com/#!/suits_gen

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